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No. 310 ´Czechoslovak´ Fighter Squadron RAF was established during July 1940 under command of the 12th Fighter Command RAF on the airbase Duxford. After some quick training was as this operating unit incorporated to the 1st fighting wing (leaded by the legendary pilot Douglas Bader) and was involved to the Battle of Britain (BoB). In this battle the 310th fighter squadron has achieved big prestige and reputation. By the end of this legendary battle the pilots of this squadron claimed 40 destroyed and 11 probably destroyed enemy aircrafts and many others were damaged. Squadron lost during the BoB 4 pilots.

After the BoB in the year 1941 the 310th fighter squadron has join younger Czechoslovak squadrons 312th and 313th to create the 134th Czechoslovak fighter wing. This wing has operated together till the end of the WW II.

No. 310 Fighter Squadron was the first completely Czech unit in the RAF and lead the score of destroyed enemy aircrafts. Pilots of this squadron have claimed till the end of the WW II totally 54,5 destroyed enemy aircrafts + 4 missiles V1, 20 probably destroyed and 32 damaged aircrafts. These successes were paid by the death of 31 pilots.

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