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The famous No. 311 ´Czechoslovak´ Bomber Squadron RAF during the WWII served soon under command of the Bomber and lately under the Coastal Command, where maintained ofensive actions above occupied territory and patroled above the Atlantic ocean. Thanks to the mastership and resolve of the aircrews this unit became very soon one of the best bomber unit in all RAF. „311th“ during his duty flew with double engine Vickers Wellington and four engine Consolidated B-24 Liberator in different versions.

Operational duty of „311th“ started in the end of year 1940 under Bomber Command. In this enlistment squadron has done 60 raids mostly to the targets in Germany. The most frequent target was  Köln (97), Bremen (85), Hamburk (80), Kiel (65), Mannheim (53) and Berlin (36). One and only was Brest (113). Our aircrews served around 1000 combat flights in total time nearly  5 200 hours. „311th“ payd heavy costs by the losting of 134 shooted down or wounded airmen, another 30 were lost by the other way.


Top rank of „311th“ was the best reason why the squadron was often selection for the heaviest or special targets. Memorable are for example an attendance of 4 our aircrew in the absolutely first raid to Berlin in September 1940, often raids on heavy defended docks in Brest harbour, hit of the crouiser Princ Eugen and raids to the Italian industry centers etc.

Because of the formidable casualties in autumn 1942 „311th“ was transfered to serve under the Coastal Command where the squadron patroled above the ocean and fought with enemy U-boats. Also in this new duties was our squadron one of the best. Till the end of the war squadron executed 2 102 operational flight in total time 21 527 hours. Aircrews attacked totally 35 U-boats and 4 ships. Airgunners shot down21 enemy fighters in 29 air combats.

Squadron lost totaly 250 airmen and 34 another were captured.

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