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No. 312 ´Czechoslovak´ Fighter Squadron RAF was established as the second Czechoslovak fighting squadron during September 1940. Aircrew of this squadron was created mostly by experienced pilots came trough the France campaign as for example A.Vasatko, F.Perina and many more. Newly created squadron catch to join to the ending phase of Battle of Britain. 

The start of squadron duty was really extraordinary because „312th“ scored up one of the RAF primacy when her pilots F/Lt. Gillam , P/O Vasatko a Sgt. Stehlik wrote down evidently the quickiest shoot down of enemy aircraft in all operational history of RAF. 8th October of 1940 they spent from start of their rediness flight till the shoot down of enemy Ju88 end landing back on the airbase only 11 minutes.

Till the end of the war „312th“ has done usual duty of RAF fighting squadron. The ending score was 14 destroyed 9 probably destroyed and 16 damaget enemy aircraft.

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