Avia BH-3, July 1923
The 1st Aviation Speed Race of the Republic Chairman
original drawing with printed text, format A3 (42 x 30 cm)

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The BH-3 was the first serious military aircraft to go into production in Czechoslovakia. This aircraft was developed in 1921 and entered into the contest promoted by the Czech National Defense Ministry. Thus favorably impressed, the ministry ordered 10 of these from the just-formed Avia Aircraft Company. Five of these aircraft were powered with the BMW 185 hp engine, and the other five were powered by a Walter engine, rated at 220 hp. This variant could easily top 140 mph in level flight, thus far surpassing the requirement of a minimum of 130 mph in level flight.

This aircraft, in general, was of an all wood fuselage with fabric covered flying surfaces. The success of this aircraft launched the Avia Aircraft Company to becoming the greatest producer of Czech military aircraft. The Czech Avia Aircraft Co. designers, Pavel Benesand & Mroslav Hajn (the BH part of BH-3),were designing advanced monoplane fighters at a time when the RAF had the Sopwith Snipe, Vickers Vinny and DH-9a biplanes on their books. 

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