Messerschmitt BF-109 G6, 9/JG52, pilot Lt. Erich Hartmann, October 1943
original painting, oil on canvas, 90x40 cm
original painting is available


Hartmann was born in Weissach in Württemberg. He got his 'luftwaffe wings' in 1941 and was assigned to the “Eastern front” fighter wing Jagdgeschwader 52 in October 1942. Hartmann was assigned to the 7./JG 52. He shot down his first Soviet plane on 5 November 1942. By the end of the year he had added only one more kill. He had reached 50 kills by August 1943, and in that month claimed another 48 kills. He was then appointed Staffelkapitän of 9./JG 52 in September 1943. In October 1943, he claimed another 33 kills and was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 29 October 1943, after 148 kills. At the end of the year his toll stood at 159. In 1944, Hartmann continued scoring at an even greater pace. Throughout this year Hartmann claimed another 172 victories. On 17 August 1944 Hartmann became the top scoring fighter ace, surpassing fellow JG 52 pilot Gerhard Barkhorn with his 274th kill.

His 300th kill came on 24 August 1944, a day he shot down 11 aircraft. He became one of only 27 German soldiers in WWII to receive the diamonds to his Knight's Cross.

In early 1945, Hartmann was asked by General Adolf Galland to join the Me-262 units forming to fly the new jet fighter. Hartmann declined the offer, preferring to remain with JG 52. Hartmann's last kill occurred on 8 May 1945, over Brno, Czechoslovakia - the last day of the war in Europe.

Hartmann flew 1,404 missions resulting in 825 engagements, losing 14 aircraft from combat damage and forced landings. He was never wounded and never bailed out due to damage inflicted by enemy pilots. He often said that he was more proud of the fact that he had never lost a wingman in combat than he was about his rate of kills.

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