"Bialo-Czerwone Iskry"

TS-11 Iskra

size of original 26´ x 12,6´ (66x32 cm), oil on canvas board, signed by the author

original painting is availlable

The first aerobatic team in Polish Air Force is formed on 16 Feb 1969 in Radom airbase. The team called Rombik (Diamond) and flies with four Polish built jet trainers TS-11 Iskra (Spark).

The first public display of the Rombik aerobatic team is on 17 Aug 1971 during Polish Air Force Day airshow in Deblin. In this period team perform rarely and team planes don't have special color scheme.  In 1981 Rombik team is disbanded during sedition situation in Poland.  Again team is reestablished in the spring of 1984, while first performance is on 5 July in Poznan.


In 1989 the team is renamed to Iskry (Sparks) and begins to fly with seven TS-11 Iskra planes - six ship formation and one solo pilot.  In 1991 they receive its present white and red color scheme and made its public debut in Poznan airshow.  On 3 May 1993 the team starts to fly with nine planes plus one solo pilot. In that formation in 1995, Iskry flies on RIAT airshow at Fairford.

In 1998 the team is reorganized and begins to fly with eight planes, while two of them are solo pilots. On 11 Nov fatal crash interrupts the team existence for two years. Crash happens, while one of the team planes took off to check weather condition, preparing team's fly over Warszawa parade.

On 17 June 2000 the team is removed to its present home base in Deblin and become a part of 1st Flying Training Center. Then the teams name is changed to Bialo- Czerwone Iskry (White-Red Sparks), and begins to fly with seven aircrafts, while one is solo.

At the present team flies with four TS-11 Iskra jets

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