Hawker Hurricane I, R4175, "RF-R", No. 303 ´Polish´ Fighter Squadron RAF,
27th September 1940, pilot Sgt. Josef Frantisek

original painting in personal collection

Its written end of September 1940. Battle of Britain is culminanting, star of RAF pilot Czechoslovak origin is raising and is near by tragic fulfilling. In these timeperiod its beying an incident which is trade rather like a legend in order that it has been exactly fulfiled and has assured about real exceptionality of this pilot.

Following event description is from the book
"Aces in the sky" written by Jiri Rajlich.

By taking off  Frantisek had registered 6 doubleengines heavyfighters BF 110, moving themselves in defending circle near by. One of these enemies had been separating and wanted shoot him down. But Frantisek sharply shoot away and from only 100m distance stoped by fire the one enemies engine.

And now it had happen something abnormal: The German has wawed with wings to show he give up. He put out the aircraft landing gear and glided to the nearest airport RAf in Gatwick. Frantisek had stopped the gunfire but has got under cover of capitulating enemy and still scanning him. Bf 110 was already only a few meters above the earth when hi unexpectedly  cover up the aircraft landing gear, hardly put on remainding engine and has started to fly up. Probably he has thought Frantisek has already been gone. But Frantisek was prepared and his one short exact shot sended the "Onehundred" in fire down. Frantisek's Hurricane has landed beside aircraft firing wrecks. He has jumped down and with long steel hook hitched out a part of german parachute which he brought to his home airbaise in Northolt.


This story was often presented like a legend but the story is really true. Frantisek had closed a bet with one polish sergeant for 3 pounds (at that time lot of money) that he would have force to land german fighting aeroplane directly in Northolt. But he was lack of fuel in this fight thatsway he had tried to force this Bf 110 to landing at least in Gatwick. A part of parachute should serve Frantisek like a proof of reality of this event. Until the end of the World War II was this unusual trophy saved by the 303. squadron and every new pilot has made an signature on it.
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