LET L-13 Blanik
was prepared in occasion of the 50th Anniversary of First Flight of this legendary glider

original painting - oil on canvas board, 80x40 cm (31,5´x 15,7´), signed by the author
price of original artwork 400 EUR (or equal, excluding the shipping)

The LET L-13 is a two-seat, all metal, training and sporting glider.

The wing, tail and fuselage are covered with an aluminum skin. The movable ares of the flight controls are canvas covered.


This legendary glider made its first flight in March 1956. Thanks to its exceptional robustness, durability, and ease of maintenance this glider has won praise worldwide. It is currently flown in over 40 countries on every continent (except Antartic).

Wingspan:16,2 m. Length: 8,4 m. Empty weight: 292 kg. Maximum speed 253 kph,

Minimum speed 55 kph.

Selling information:

Print edition:

format A2 ( 594 x 420 mm / 23,4´ x 16,5´), chalk museum paper, 300 GSM

- edition OPEN  (unlimited, without any signs) . . . price 10 EUR
- REMARQUE  (20 items, additional drawing, numbered and signed by the author). . . price 20 EUR

Giclée reproductions 
signed and numbered by author

printed on canvas
- 80x40 cm ( 29,5´ x 19,7´ ) . . . price 60 EUR

Another size of reproductions and their shipping costs on request

Shipping costs:
prints:    EU -  5 EUR, outside EU - 10 EUR, delivery in around 2-3 weeks
reproductions (without the "blind" frame):    EU -  10 EUR, outside EU - till 20 EUR, delivery in around 2-3 weeks


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