Aero L-29 A Delfin
Bu.No. 390 517, CSLA, 47th pzlp, Pardubice, 1967-69

size of original 26´ x 13,8´ (66x35 cm), oil on canvas board, signed by the author
original artwork is available

Artwork is dedicated to the anniversary of the first flight
made by prototype XL-29
before 50 years, on April 5, 1959.

The L-29 DELFIN (NATO code name MAYA) two-seat jet aircraft, made by Aero Vodochody, was designed by Z. Rublic and K. Tomas as a replacement of the piston-engined trainers used by the Czechoslovak Air Force. The L-29 was the first jet aircraft ever designed in Czechoslovakia.

In the early 1960's the USSR was looking for a basic jet trainer. Designs were submitted from the various satellite countries. The Poles proposed the TS-11 Iskra (still flying with the Polish A/F) Czechoslovakia the L-29 Delfin, and Russia the YAK 30. The Czechs won with the L-29. The first prototype, the XL-29, flew on April 5,1959. It used a single, British provided, Bristol Siddeley Viper axial flow turbojet engine offering about 1500 pounds of static thrust. The first production L-29 aircraft was delivered in April 1963. In addition to the standard L-29 model, two others were produced in small numbers. In 1965, the development of the L-29R light reconnaissance combat version was finalised. The third model, the L-29 AKROBAT, was designed for aerobatic performances.
The aircraft, which is intended for both initial and advanced training, has a robust air-frame; it can operate from rough grassy, sandy and muddy fields. It is designed so as to facilitate the pilots´ transfer to combat aircraft.
Altogether from 1963 till 1974, about 3,500 aircraft were completed by the time production at Aero's Vodochody. Approximately 3,000 were delivered to the Soviet Union. Other customers included the Czech Air Force, the German Democratic Republic, Romania, Syria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria, Uganda, Iraq and many more.

The L-29 has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years as a very popular "warbird" in the United States and elsewhere. According to many who are very familiar with the L-29 Delfin's flight performance capabilities, the L-29 is actually a delight to fly. Just enough thrust and speed to keep a man satisfied, with aerobatic performance that can still induce a strong gagging sensation in the low-jet-hours crowd.

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