Hawker Hurricane Mk.I, V7230, "SD-H", No. 501 Fighter Squadron RAF
September 1940, pilot Stanislav Skalski
oil on canvas, 80x30 cm
original painting in personal collection

The famous Polish WWII pilot Stanislav Skalski was born in 1915 at Kodyma and went to military school at Deblin in 1936 and became an officer in august 1938. During the 1939 campaign he became the only one to obtain suffisant score ( 5 of which 1 in cooperation) to become an ace. Getting away trough Romania and the Mediteranian he arrives in France at the beginning of 1940. He volunteered to go to England.

He flew and scored with the 501 Sqn during the "Battle of Britain". then got mutated to the 306 Sqn before becoming the Commanding Officer of the 317 Sqn in Spring 1942. On the Autumn the same year Skalski joining the "Polish Fighting Team" unit known later as the Skalski Circus. Than he become the C/O of the 601 Sqn of the RAF before returning to England where he was put in charge of the 133 Wing for D-Day.
He ends his operational tour in september 1944 and was at the Command and General Staff School in the United States.

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX, EN315, "ZX-6", No. 145 Fighter Squadron RAF, Polish Fighter Team
spring 1943, pilot Sqn Ldr Stanislaw Skalski
original drawing, format A2, in personal collection

After allied victory he was offered a important post in the RAF but prefered to return to Poland in spite of the fact that it was now under control of the Soviet Union. At the beginning he served in the Soviet controled Polish Air-Force. However since the "Cold War" was growing he got arrested and accused of espionnage in profit of the "Anglo-American Imperialists"...... This was something that happened to many of the Polish Pilots that fought in the RAF or USAF during WW II.

After Stalins death, in 1953 the situation started evolving in Poland and he was released in 1956 after 8 years spent in prison.

A post in the Polish Air-Force was quite rapidly offered to him which he accepted after some hesitation. He afterwards saw his chance to fly with jet-engine Mig fighters. He maintained a high-rank post in the Polish Air-Force ( he reached the rank of General-Brigady) untill 1970 when he became president of a Polish Aero-Club.


Confirmed victories: 18 + 3 in cooperation
Probable : 2
Damaged : 4 + 1 in cooperation

Skalski died in november 12 in 2004 in Warsaw.

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